heard and overheard in London yesterday

Here’s a summary of my trip to London yesterday, documented by lines from me, my brother and some of the people with whom we interacted or just listened in on…

Totes; the barman recognises a girl who knows her liquor; OMG; that’s not cote du rhone!; super-smart; it’s mostly fernet branca and creme de menthe; sand eels are in season right now, in fact, everything’s in season here; the latest conference in Rio was a disaster; super-rude; Peter Atkins saved my degree with his book on physical chemistry; isn’t this just the entrance to the gift shop?; it’s amazing just how big the champagne region is; super-annoying; my favourite is the crispy cod skin; these are the lengths to which we we go to prove we’re not gay; I can’t let anyone sit on these chairs after six; how do you cook the duck hearts?; how many different types of gin do you have?; Which one tastes least like gin?; the stag do in Nottingham was even worse than the one in Crawley; we need to make science more fun, not just about learning facts or even scientific process; we’ve been having a lot of problems with these barriers today; you can sit in the window and look at the tourists; isn’t that your God-daughter?; I come from Lyon and I go back there three times a year; why don’t we just share the clams?; I’ll just have the beans and bacon; the rooms are really small; it’s best on the fifth floor; good service on all lines. 

*if you’re expecting something like The Wasteland, you’ll be sorely disappointed